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About Nemonix Engineering

Over 30 years of legacy hardware engineering

NEMONIX ENGINEERING is a 30+ years old privately held corporation. Our Fortune 500 and government customers are all over the world. Nemonix extends the productive life of End-of-Life systems from DEC, Compaq, HP, IBM, SUN, etc.

John Adams, one of the founders of the United States—who lived just an hour drive from Nemonix HQ — once said that "facts are stubborn things."

In our industry, one of these stubborn facts is that all hardware systems will eventually become obsolete. However, as these machines become more unstable with age, their services are nonetheless still required for business/life-critical tasks.

Mission. Nemonix provides products and services to STABILIZE, UPGRADE, AND SUPPORT legacy machines, until the customer migrates to the next hardware generation.

Products. Our products include over 900 SCSI hard drive variations, including fast, enterprise-class, solid state SCSI drives. Our upgraded drives, ethernet/SCSI controllers, memory, and CPU's are often multiple orders of magnitude faster than OEM specs. Also, our newly manufactured parts use less energy and disperse less heat.

Services. Our services include Nemonix Technology Refresh™ services, depot-level repair services, and custom engineering services, including NRE-based hardware development projects.



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