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Stability Through Nemonix Technology Refresh™

Nemonix Engineering offers a unique hardware refresh service that extends the life of legacy servers for up to 10 warrantied years. Subsequent refreshes can push the useful life of the hardware for multiple decades. Our customers use our service in a wide spectrum of industries—where mission critical is usually the rule and not the exception—including: Manufacturing, Aerospace, Federal, Defence, Petrochemicals, Nuclear Energy, Finance, and Healthcare.

Click on the following abstract for a primer on Nemonix Technology Refresh™, or the white papers for more in debth discussions of our solution.

    Abstract: Extending Server Life with Nemonix Technology Refresh™
Explains why Nemonix Technology Refresh™ is a better solution than either refurbished or emulated services. Download
  White Papers
    Refurb or Refresh? Making the Case for Nemonix Technology Refresh™
The first in a series of diminished manufacturing white papers by Turbine Media, Inc. It describes why buyers of legacy computer hardware should purchase Nemonix Technology Refresh™ solutions in lieu of traditional "refurbished" systems and components. Download
    VAX and Alpha in 2010: Real Challenges, Solid Solutions
A recent white paper written about the Nemonix Engineering Technology Refresh process, by leading white paper author, TechWise. Download



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